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I am sure it has happened in your lifetime. You have a legal problem. You mention it at a family function. Then, invariably a close relative quickly takes you aside to remind you that her son is a lawyer.

Your parents have finally gotten around to doing a last will and testament.  Against your better judgment, they decide to have Uncle Jim, who usually handles criminal defense cases, help them with the paperwork.

You may have an old college buddy who is now a lawyer. You think he can help you with a legal problem, though it is not the kind of work he typically does.

The Choice Between Familiarity and Experience

We have all been there, and all of those typical scenarios above come down to an important choice: Either go with someone who is an expert in a field, or go with someone you already trust, even though he or she may not be an expert. Indeed, virtually any time a person is seeking services, he or she has that important choice to make.

Of course, if you know and trust someone in the field that is applicable to your problem, then your search is over. However, if you do not have that specialized person already in your circle, then you are left making a call as to what is best for you.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why, at the end of the day, it might be best to go with an expert in the field, particularly when it comes to representation involving the Defense Base Act. When it comes to highly specialized or “niche” areas of the law, having an attorney with experience in the field is invaluable.

RITE law:  Experience You Can Trust

At RITE law, we made the choice many years ago to focus our practice on plaintiff-side workers’ compensation claims because we care deeply about ensuring that injured victims, and their families, receive the maximum benefit they are owed under the law. When it comes to the Defense Base Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, or the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act, our experience in the field is second to none.

If you have a Defense Base Act or other workers’ compensation claim, then we invite you to call us today and learn all the ways in which we can make obtaining the maximum compensation for you an easy process.  Call today at 904-500-7483.

3 Reasons to Go with Experience

  • In the Law, Experience is Everything

You have most likely heard the old adage that you don’t want a general practitioner handling your brain surgery, you want a brain surgeon. Well, it’s an old adage because it has the ring of truth to it. Indeed, you also know that once you have done something once, the experience of having done it makes it that much easier when you have to do it again.  That part of human nature is true in the practice of law.

In law school, budding attorneys learn how to think and analyze problems like lawyers, but law school does not provide them with the tools to be an expert in every field of practice. Moreover, there are so many areas of the law – tax law, criminal law, property law, wills & estates law, contract law, corporate law, workers’ compensation law – that it would be impossible for any one person to know the nuances of all areas.

That is why it is generally not a good idea to have a wills & estates lawyer handle your criminal case and vice versa – even if he is your Uncle Jim.  Of course, there are still lawyers who have a “general practice,” who can handle almost any issue that comes through the door. Yet, you will most likely get better results with an attorney who practices in the specific area in which you are interested.

Having a subject-matter expert is particularly important when it comes to the Defense Base Act. The Defense Base Act is a sophisticated federal law that has many nuances to it. For any attorney confronting that law for the first time, it will take him or her a long time to get acclimated to how workers’ compensation operates under the Defense Base Act.

  • The Cost/Benefit Analysis

In almost every case, an attorney who specializes in one area of practice, like the Defense Base Act, will charge a little bit more for their expertise. However, that hiring an attorney who does not specialize in the Defense Base Act will require more time to get up to speed on what is involved in representing a Defense Base Act claimant.

Indeed, there may be a bit of trial and error with regard to someone handling a Defense Base Act claim for the first time. With the extra money you pay per hour for a Defense Base Act specialist, you are getting someone who can more efficiently handle your claim overall.

Moreover, at RITE law, we are experts and we do not charge you when we assist you with a Defense Base Act claim unless you receive compensation. So, even though we are experts in Defense Base Act cases, you would not need to pay a fee unless we get compensation for you.

  • Trust the Comes with Establishing a Relationship

Trust is a main drivers] motivating anyone looking for legal services. As discussed above, oftentimes we will consider going with Uncle Jim because we already know and trust him, even if he is not a Defense Base Act expert.

Do not forget, however, that once you take the initial step to establish a working relationship with an attorney, you may likely find that there is a level of trust on which you can quickly rely.

So, even though at the outset you might not know your attorney, trust can develop quickly with an advocate who is responsive to your needs and clearly communicates what is necessary to move the workers’ compensation process forward.

Let the Specialized Attorneys at RITE law Help You with Your Defense Base Act Claim

Overall, your workers’ compensation claim under the Defense Base Act is too important to trust to just any lawyer. Go with an expert in the field, like RITE law. Our specialized knowledge and experience with Defense Base Act cases will ensure that you get the maximum benefit owed to you. We also will do everything we can to make sure that we earn your trust as well. Call us today to learn more at 904-500-7483.