Defense Base Act

This act is an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act that provides compensation and medical benefits to civilian employees working outside the United States on military bases or under U.S. government contracts for public works and national defense.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers

This act provides protection to approximately 500,000 maritime workers across the United States who are injured while on a vessel in the navigable waters of the United States or its adjoining areas. This includes areas used in loading, unloading, repairing and building vessels, as well as areas being built or repaired.

Florida Workers’ Compensation Act

This act was established to help injured and/or ill employees and their families overcome the financial issues that result from work-related injuries and illnesses that occur within the state of Florida, outside the coverage of any type of federal coverage.

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Defense Base

This is an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act that provides compensation and medical benefits to civilian employees working…

Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

This provides protection to approximately 500,000 maritime workers across the United States who are injured while on a vessel in the navigable waters…

Florida Workers’
Compensation Act.

This was established to help injured and/or ill employees and their families overcome the financial issues that result from work-related injuries and illnesses…


These cases involve injuries that one party claims are the result of another party’s negligence. Examples include slips and falls but can also include claims…

Social Security

These programs are the largest of several Federal programs that provide assistance to people with physical and/or mental disabilities. They pay benefits to you…

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss claims are usually workplace-related injuries, such as Industrial Deafness, Tinnitus, and Acoustic Shock, but can also result from presbycusis or old age.

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Although my elderly father’s claim lasted several years, RITE Law, continued to fight for us until we prevailed. We appreciate all that they do for our family.


I was very pleased with the outcome of my claim and the services provided by Zachary Tucker and his staff.

Rudolph H.CLIENT

To anyone that needs a good attorney, I would highly recommend RITE Law.


Zachary Tucker of RITE Law, P. A. handled my worker’s compensation case last year. Although it was a small claim in comparison to the high-profile cases they are accustomed to, Mr. Tucker was very attentive, accessible and extremely resolute in ensuring that I would be compensated fairly, regardless of whether he would be paid for his services. I was very pleased with the prompt and positive outcome, and would highly recommend RITE Law, for your legal needs.


Zachary Tucker of RITE Law, P.A. represented me in a workman’s comp injury that left me unable to work in my previous field. He was absolutely responsible for the settlement I received. Had I acted on my own, I would never be in the position I am now. Zach took over my case after three years of dealing with the insurance company. I wish that I had obtained his services much earlier in my case. I didn’t pay him anything up front and he charged a very fair price for settling my claim. I received expert help from him and his team.


Our experience with Zachary Tucker and everyone at RITE Law, was nothing but GREAT. They took the time to listen to not just my husband but my concerns also. If anyone is looking for a law firm that cares about their clients this is the law firm for you. I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work they put into our case!


Mr. Israel is awesome. He’s my son’s lawyer. My son is autistic so he doesn’t take to people easily, but he loves Mr. Israel and he will actually talk to him as he doesn’t talk to many people. Thank you, Mr. Israel, for everything.

Winnie A.

Zachary Tucker of RITE Law, was understanding and amazing. He asked me what I wanted and kept me legally on the straight and narrow. He and his staff were professional, friendly and really knew the law! I had never been through anything like the injury that ended my career so their passion for the law, patience with me and open communication when I needed them was incredible! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that has to deal with Defense Base Act Law.


They care about people and get the job done!

Lynn B.

When confronted with a battle over an injury that no one believes or wants to accept you have, make no mistake about it… one must be prepared to engage in a protracted battle which will either bring you peace or utter ruin. In order to win and win decisively, one must choose the best General to lead your cause. Zachary Tucker and his army of associates are that elite force you will need to obtain that Victory! Exceptional performance and work conducted in the managing of my case from the beginning to end.


I have Mr. Rudolph for my attorney in my workers compensation claim. He has done a wonderful job for me, he is so down to earth, and he is a really caring person. He and his staff have been amazing, especially Ms. Heidi. She’s always a pleasure to speak to always cheerful. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.

Keith J.

I have Jason Ellis as my attorney, and he is great. Wonderful firm.

Deborah T.

I hired Zachary Tucker after my husband was injured overseas and eventually passed away. Every step of the way he explained everything to me, gave me time to grieve. He was so kind and fought for me and my family. This was a situation that no one should ever have to bear. Zachary Tucker and his whole staff took me in and helped me. They fought for my rights and let me be heard. It was tough but they made everything as smooth as possible. Always in contact to answer even what to them may have been the stupidest of questions, but to me they were important. They all made me feel like I was their only priority.


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compensation lawyers for longshore & harbor workers jacksonville
Florida provides many maritime-related jobs to its citizens. As such, many people have come to our firm with the same question: Which workers’ compensation program am I under, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, or the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law?  
longshore and harbor workers’ compensation act
Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that was created to make sure workers are able to get immediate medical attention for a work-related injury. Most importantly, it emphasizes care over litigation. It assumes that an injury was, in fact, work-related. Also, it allows for an employer or insurance company to challenge the fact that an injury was work-related whenever there is evidence to support such a challenge. 
DBA benefits claims
With insurance in general, we often do not know all the details of our coverage, until something happens. And then we need to know all the details. That is, of course, just as true when it comes to workers’ compensation coverage. If you are in a workplace accident, and you are an employee at a United States military base overseas, then your workers’ compensation comes from the Defense Base Act.  
Defense Base Act claim
You have just suffered an accident on the job, and you are a contractor for the U.S. military. Without doubt, you are wondering what to do next. You may not know whether you are covered by workers’ compensation or whether you have to worry about medical bills all on your own.
DBA claim attorneys
We all want to avoid getting injured on the job. Being out of work, having to worry about making insurance claims, or worse yet, fighting with an insurance company about what is and what is not a compensable injury are the last things with which we want to deal. Moreover, we do not want to be stopped from doing the job we like doing because of an unfortunate accident.
general maritime law
If someone violates the criminal law, then they are violating a state or federal criminal statute. If a company has an environmental issue, then there are a whole set of environmental laws, both state and federal, that regulate how environmental matters are handled legally. Even if you park illegally, then you are technically violating an ordinance that is written in a set of laws somewhere in your town.
social security disability
There is no reason to wait until you are denied Social Security Disability before you engage the assistance of an attorney. In fact, the earlier in the process you retain an attorney, the better. You may have hurt your chances for benefits by waiting until you are denied Social Security Disability benefits.
Social security disability insurance
Did you know a 20-year-old worker has a one in four chance of becoming disabled before reaching age 67? That is a stunning statistic. Indeed, disability is something that most people do not really dwell on. We often process it as something that would happen to other people, but would not happen to us, right?
hearing loss
In many industries, hearing loss remains a substantial problem. In fact, on military bases and facilities handling military aircraft and other heavy military vehicles, excessive noise levels are a constant problem.