When people apply for Social Security disability they will have to go through a specific steps during their claims process.  This applies to applications for both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  Oftentimes during the claim, a Vocational Expert will be called upon to give an opinion on a person’s ability to work. 

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1. Why Would a Vocational Expert Need to Testify?

In order to qualify for disability, a person must be unable to work.  This is not as straightforward as it sounds.  There are many factors the Social Security Administration must consider when determining if someone is unable to work.  They include a person’s disability, their job history, ability to do certain jobs, along with the current job market, and more.  To learn more about the factors that go into the Social Security Administration’s determination, discuss you claim with Social Security disability lawyers in Jacksonville.

Sometimes the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who decides your case will need someone to give unbiased testimony about your job history and your ability, or inability, to do jobs you are qualified for in the current job market.  The ALJ will ask a Vocational Expert to give their opinion in about 85% of cases.

2. What Sort of Knowledge Does the Vocational Expert Have?

In order to provide relevant testimony about your claim, the Vocational Expert is expected to understand the laws that govern disability claims, how the process works, and how a person is determined to be disabled.  They must also be educated in vocational counseling, rehabilitation, and understand occupational trends.  A very important part of their job is that they be well versed in local labor markets since that is an important part of disability claims.  They also should understand, and hopefully have experience in, helping people with disabilities and work restrictions find jobs.  These things will help them determine if there are actual jobs out there that an applicant can do.  

It is one thing to in theory believe a person can find a job with a specific disability, but it is another and more complicated issue to really know if there is an actual job in the local market a person could find and do with their disabilities.  A Vocational Expert is supposed to help the ALJ make that decision. 

3. Can I Choose the Vocational Expert?

Neither you nor your attorney will be able to choose the Vocational Expert if the ALJ asks for one.  The Social Security Administration has a list of Vocational Experts that have the required knowledge and training to do the job, and they are chosen from that list.  They are supposed to be impartial, and not be biased for or against the disability applicant.  If you are wondering if the Vocational Expert will be fair to you, ask Social Security Disability Lawyers in Jacksonville.

4. What Information will the Vocational Expert Examine?

It is always a good idea to file for Social Security Disability with the help of an attorney such as Social Security disability lawyers in Jacksonville at RITE Law.  This is because some forms that you will complete early in your claims process are used to help the ALJ determine if you should receive disability benefits.  One of these forms is a Work History Report on which you list and discuss past employment and tasks.  It is extremely important to fill this form out completely.  Sometimes people are unsure what goes on this form and how to properly and accurately describe tasks and employment.  This is why a lawyer is helpful.  

The Vocational Expert will use that Work History Report in their evaluation and subsequent testimony. They will also use other relevant parts of your disability claim file to make their findings. 

Contact Social Security Disability Lawyers in Jacksonville with Social Security Questions.

Navigating the Social Security disability claims process can be confusing and time consuming.  Contact Social Security disability lawyers in Jacksonville to discuss your claim and how to apply for benefits. 

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