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People apply for and receive Social Security disability benefits for various disabling conditions.  There are specific claims that are seen more often by the Social Security Administration because they are the most common disabling conditions in the human population.

This article discusses the most common disabling conditions that lead to Social Security disability claims.   It gives a good overview of what types of claims the Social Security Administration sees on a daily basis, and what sort of claims they ultimately approve. 

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1. Muscle, Back, and Joint Disorders are the Most Common Claim

It probably comes as no surprise that muscle, back, and joint disorders are the most common type of Social Security disability claim.  These disorders cause pain in the back, neck, and other areas which make it impossible to work.  Disability is awarded based on the ailments that lead to this pain.  This can be things like degenerative disc disease, arthritis, osteoarthritis, stenosis, and things of that nature. 

These are all disabilities that are listed in the Social Security Administration’s “blue book” and are considered disabling conditions.  Our society is rife with back and neck issues given the way we sit in front of the computer, as well as some of the strenuous construction and physically demanding jobs that many people are required to do.  

If you are experiencing back pain or other muscular and joint pain that is making it impossible to work, you need to consider applying for Social Security disability.  Contact Social Security disability lawyers in Jacksonville to have your questions answered.

2. Psychiatric Conditions

Psychiatric conditions are the next most common Social Security claim made right now.  These are mental and mood-related disorders which people experience that make it impossible for them to work.  They can include conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. 

Psychiatric conditions are serious disabling conditions that lead to people’s inability to work.  Sometimes people are reluctant to get treatment or to come forward if they are experiencing mood and mental related disorders.  But it is important to get the medical help needed and to get financial help as well by applying for disability if the conditions are severe enough to prevent employment. 

3. Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be incredibly scary and stressful, and can completely disrupt a person’s life.  Getting the necessary treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, and the physically debilitating results of those treatments leads to a great number of disability claims.  People cannot work if they are fighting for their lives on a daily basis against cancer.  If you or someone you know is diagnosed with cancer and needs help getting disability, call Social Security disability lawyers in Jacksonville immediately to get help.

4. Heart and Circulatory System Related Disorders

It is well known that heart disease is the most common cause of death in this country.  It is an incredibly serious condition that effects a great number of people.  Heart and circulatory system related disorders include illness like congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease and stroke.  These conditions can be serious enough that people are unable to work because of them.  Think about how stressful most jobs can be, and you can understand why many workplaces are dangerous for someone who has a heart condition. 

It could be that people see how many other people have had heart attacks or have some sort of heart disease, and feel they are unable to apply for disability because it is so common in this country to have this illness.  However, the fact that it is common leads to more disability claims and approvals, because it is so prevalent and disabling.  Knowledgeable Social Security disability lawyers in Jacksonville can lead you through the process of applying for disability and answer any questions.  

Contact Social Security Disability Lawyers in Jacksonville with Social Security Questions.

People who are unable to work because of a disability should apply for Social Security disability benefits.  Contact Social Security disability lawyers in Jacksonville to discuss your claim and how to apply for benefits. 

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