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There are many, many reasons why a person could suffer from hearing loss.  Hearing loss can be age-related, hereditary, can slowly occur over a number of years due to noise exposure, or can be caused by an injury.  If you experience hearing loss, you should not wait to learn what might be the cause.  

If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to recoup your medical expenses as well as any other expenses associated with that injury.  In fact, there are some costs that people often don’t consider when they start to experience hearing loss.  The major one that your normal medical insurance may likely refuse to cover is hearing aids.  Thus, if you think you are experiencing hearing loss because of an injury or exposure to loud noise at work, it is important to contact a Jacksonville hearing loss attorney immediately.  Time is of the essence when dealing with workers’ compensation and other injury claims.

In this article, we will discuss many costs of hearing loss that you may initially overlook.  If, after reading this article, you have more questions about your own circumstances, then the Jacksonville hearing loss attorneys at RITE Law are here to help.  

At RITE Law, we have a group of hearing loss attorneys in Jacksonville who have your best interests at heart, and who have the training and resources to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.  Our number is (904) 500-RITE or you can fill out our contact form online.  We provide a free case evaluation, so call today.

The Possibility of Work-Related Hearing Loss Over Time

Because some work-related hearing losses can occur slowly, people may not realize it is happening to them.  Many work environments can damage hearing.  And it may come from noises that you don’t notice, or that you consider to be background noise.  

It is probably obvious to everyone that noises like jackhammers or loud construction worksites can cause damage to people’s hearing.  Those may be the jobs in which people will more quickly notice hearing loss because they know that it is a possibility with that specific type of work environment.  

That said, there are many jobs in which people face more subtle dangers.  These can be factories or other workplaces with background noises which employees learn to tune out, but are always there. There also chemicals to which employees are exposed on a regular basis that can cause hearing loss.  Or, someone may be exposed to a sudden, one-time loud noise which can result in a loss of hearing.  

Whether it is an obvious danger or a subtle danger, everyone should be aware of noise exposure and the possibility of hearing loss.  If you have any questions about your workplace or believe you have experienced hearing loss, contact a Jacksonville hearing loss attorney.

What Are Some Hidden Costs Associated with Hearing Loss?

There are hidden damages and costs in hearing loss.  People who have hearing loss, whether from an injury or other reason, oftentimes experience more medical issues in addition to the hearing loss.  Research indicates that people who suffer from a loss of hearing have a higher risk of hospitalization, depression, and dementia.  

Sometimes hearing loss requires the sufferer to use a special device.  Special alarm clocks that shake the bed, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors that have flashing lights or doorbells that flashlight instead of ringing are some good examples.  The list of items that a person with hearing loss has to have is long and expensive.  Usually, the most expensive device for hearing loss will be hearing aids. 

Hearing aids are not covered by most insurance policies.  They are oftentimes not paid for by Medicare.  Further, hearing aids can cost $4,700 or more.  That is no small expense, and hearing aids do not last forever.  They eventually need to be replaced.  None of the assistive devices mentioned above like doorbells and alarms are paid for by any insurance.  They may not be as expensive as hearing aids, but over time, these costs add up.

If You Suffer from Hearing Loss, Protect Your Interest by Consulting with a Jacksonville Hearing Loss Attorney 

If you believe your hearing loss is caused by your workplace, whether it be repetitive noise, chemicals, or an injury, it is important to protect your interests.  If you have questions on what you should do because you think you have hearing loss caused by someone else, call a Jacksonville hearing loss attorney.

Hearing loss has hidden costs and expenses.  You deserve to be compensated and have your bills paid for your hearing loss if it was caused by someone else.  Contact a Jacksonville hearing loss attorney with questions on this issue.

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