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Hearing Loss Claims.

If you feel you are experiencing a hearing loss as a result of noise in the workplace, you must first obtain a valid audiogram. More importantly, you must obtain a valid audiogram that contains the requirement so the law in order to assert a claim for benefits. The attorneys at RITE Law have handled thousands of hearing loss claims and provide you with everything you need to know about hearing loss claims.

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Hearing loss injuries usually occur from one of three possible scenarios:

  • Prolonged exposure to excessively loud noise;
  • Exposure to a sudden extremely loud noise; or
  • Injuries to the head during an accident.

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Hearing loss claims are usually workplace-related injuries, such as Industrial Deafness, Tinnitus, and Acoustic Shock, but can also result from presbycusis or old age.

To receive compensation, the injured must prove that their hearing was intact prior to any industrial noise exposure and that the industrial noise exposure caused the hearing loss. However, you will likely need the opinion of an appropriate medical provider to determine the causal nature of the loss. Whether you sustain partial or severe hearing loss, you may be entitled to compensation.

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If you suspect that your hearing loss was caused by noise in the workplace, please contact the Law Offices of RITE law today for your Free Case EvaluationThere are no upfront fees, and we will only be compensated once a recovery is made on your behalf.