works related surgery

Until recently, it was universally held by the Courts that once an injured Longshoreman or Defense Base Act civilian contractor retired from the workforce, any surgery he/she needed as a result of a work-related injury was paid for by the Employer/Carrier, but the lost wages during the recovery period were not.   This was an unfair result:  just because one was retired, he/she should be paid for the weeks or months that he/she was disabled following surgery, however, the Courts had held that because of the retirement, the injured Claimant could not show that he/she suffered an “incapacity because of injury to earn wages.”

Fortunately, in the beginning of this year, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals changed decades of law by holding that the loss of “earning capacity” does not equate with the loss of actual earnings: one can be disabled without actually suffering a wage loss. See Russell Moody v. Huntington Ingalls, Inc.  Mr. Moody gave his mandatory 90-day notice that he would retire.  While still working, and prior to his retirement, Mr. Moody was injured on the job.  He continued working until his retirement, then scheduled surgery. Had he scheduled his surgery prior to retirement, there would have been no question that he would be entitled to disability benefits. Unfortunately for him, Mr. Moody’s employer tried to take advantage of his continued, loyal, forty-five years of employment, and his decision to postpone surgery rather than have it while still employed. The Court held that the fact that Mr. Moody retired and did not actually work or seek another job did not mean that he was not entitled to disability benefits because the injury was sufficient to preclude the possibility of working. Retirement status, standing alone, is not relevant to determining to earn “capacity.”

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