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You go to an auto mechanic school, and you should be able to fix any car.  You get a computer programming degree, and you should be able to develop any computer system. You go to medical school, and you should be able to help any patient.  Finally, you go to law school, and you should be able to handle any type of case.  True?  Not really.

Can there be a One-Size-Fits-All Profession?

We all know that foreign cars and domestic cars are built differently.  Auto mechanics may not necessarily be able to fix any type of car without some specialized training. A computer programmer usually focuses on a particular programming language and may need help to learn the next big thing in creating online content. If you need a hip replacement, the last person you would want doing the procedure is a brain or heart surgeon.

And, of course, the law is a vast field that contains many, many specialties.  If you were charged with a crime, your average mergers & acquisitions lawyer would be worthless helping you in the criminal courtroom.

I am sure that you can see where we are going here.  There is really no such thing as a one-size-fits-all type of lawyer out there. Of course, there are still some smaller firms that try to be generalists and handle many types of cases.

Yet, the more common reality is that lawyers and law firms are rather specialized.  A criminal defense firm will likely not be well versed in labor and employment issues. Likewise, labor and employment lawyer will not be able to know how to start assisting on the documents needed to create a corporation.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of getting the help of an expert Defense Base Act lawyer. Many non-lawyers are not always aware of the various disciplines within the law. But, if you are a civilian employee overseas working for the U.S. military, you are likely covered by the Defense Base Act. So, if you are injured on the job, you are most likely covered by the workers’ compensation law called the Defense Base Act.

In order to obtain the maximum benefit from that rather complex law, just any lawyer will not do. You need a person who has worked with, and truly understands the Defense Base Act. That is where the experts at RITE law come in.  We are the expert Defense Base Act attorneys in Jacksonville, who specialize in Defense Base Act claims

After reviewing the material in this blog, take a moment to contact us so we can help you with whatever Defense Base Act issue you may have. RITE law – the best Defense Base Act attorneys in Jacksonville, FL – will guide you through your important Defense Base Act claim.  Contact us at 904-500-7483.

Why Do You Need an Attorney Who Specializes in the Defense Base Act?

All this talk of auto mechanics and specialized areas of the law is a way to introduce you to the concept that you get the best results from someone who specializes and is an expert in a particular field.

Here are four top reasons why you need a Defense Base Act attorney to help you with your claim, rather just any lawyer you see online, or your cousin’s best friend who happens to be a lawyer.

Reason #1 – Your Employer Might Make Things Difficult

You are a civilian-military contractor and you are working overseas. That means that you are facing risks to your health and safety in ways that many employees in other professions are not.  That being said, being injured as a civilian contractor can be a frightening ordeal. And the unsettling nature of the ordeal may be amplified when you do not have the same protection as those who are active military members.

The Defense Base Act, the extension of the federal government’s Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act coverage, ensures that you have access to immediate health coverage when you suffer a work-related injury.

All that being said, employers under the Defense Base Act are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees.  Those insurance companies, however, have many underwriters and adjusters who have an interest in minimizing your injuries or finding ways in which to undermine the workers’ compensation benefits owed to you.

For that reason, and that reason alone, having an experienced Defense Base Act attorney on your side is worth its weight in gold.

A seasoned Defense Base Act attorney who has been practicing in the area for decades will be able to easily find how your injury fits into a legitimate Defense Base Act claim.  More importantly, the Defense Base Act attorney will be able to foresee all the tricks and sneaky ways in which insurance companies try to avoid responsibility.  With that experience, and particularized knowledge of the various insurance companies in the field, a good Defense Base Act attorney in Jacksonville, or wherever, will be able to fight hard against insurance company tactics to get you the compensation you deserve.

Reason #2 – The Defense Base Act is Unique

Only a solid Defense Base Act attorney will understand the difference between the Defense Base Act and other workers’ compensation programs, such as the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law.

For example, unlike other workers’ compensation programs, an employer has the ability to deny a Defense Base Act claim without a hearing.  If your employer tries a strategy like that, having a Defense Base Act attorney in your corner will give you a huge boost in fighting back against it.

Reason #3 – All Attorneys Do Not Understand the Defense Base Act

The Defense Base Act, like many federal laws, is changed from time to time.  Over the 77 years, the Defense Base Act has been law, there have been many, many changes to the fundamental requirements of the law.

Only a person who works with the Defense Base Act every day would be able to keep track of all of the changes.

Reason #4 – Specialized Defense Base Act Attorneys Can Anticipate Future Problems

If you are an employee of a contractor for the military, and you are about to be deployed overseas, you might find it worth your while to consult with a Defense Base Act attorney before shipping out.

A specialized Defense Base Act attorney can effectively review your employment contract and identify errors or legal issues that you might be able to correct before the fact.  That is a valuable benefit indeed.

Expert Defense Base Act Attorneys in Jacksonville, FL Are Available to You. 

If you are injured while working as a civilian contractor working with the U.S. military overseas, then you need to make sure that you maximize the compensation owed to you. Call RITE law to get the Defense Base Act support you need at 904-500-7483.