longshore act claim

Why Do I Need an Attorney for a Longshore Act Claim?

Yes, at RITE Law, we have heard them all. No question, there are some great lawyer jokes out there. But, all lawyer jokes aside, there are some occasions when it is a very good thing that you have a lawyer by your side. One of those times is when you are trying to assert a claim under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (the Longshore Act). Indeed, the workers’ compensation program for those who work on or around the harbors of our nation can be a complicated journey.

Section 20(a) Presumption

What is a Section 20(a) Presumption?

We know that a person accused of a crime is always presumed innocent until proven guilty. In fact, the legal concept of the “presumption of innocence” is just one example of many different legal presumptions. A legal presumption is something that a court will decide is true (or presume is true) until there is some other, persuasive factual evidence to disprove it.

jones act

Does the Jones Act Add to My Longshore Act Coverage?

If you are a longshoreman, or you work anywhere in the maritime industry, and you get injured, then you would look to workers’ compensation coverage to pay your medical bills and other expenses. Maritime workers, however, could be covered by one of two different types of workers’ compensation plans: either coverage under something called The Jones Act…

claim for covid-19 under the longshore act

Can You Make a Claim for COVID-19 Under the Longshore Act?

In the midst of this terrible coronavirus crisis, we are learning about some true heroes. These heroes do not get the media spotlight on a daily basis, these heroes are not those who are able to shelter at home during the crisis. These heroes are the men and women who are working each day at our health care centers, at our grocery stores, at food delivery restaurants, and at the harbors handling important life-saving cargo every day.