covid-19 is covered by the florida workers’ compensation act

Is Covid-19 Covered by the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act?

Unfortunately, the pandemic is raging on. It appears, in fact, that the world might be experiencing a second wave of virus infections. The countries that were able to bring down infection rates to relatively low numbers during the summer months have numbers that are disturbingly going back up. In the United States, it appears that we are on an upward trajectory to another, third, peak in virus infections.

Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Act

Five Important Aspects of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Act That You Should Know

It’s human nature, especially when we’re young, to think that we are invincible, or that we will not be the one to get into an accident at work. Of course, our optimistic nature is not always the best gauge of reality, and accidents happen.

workers comp faq

Workers’ Comp FAQs – Answers for Injured Workers

When you are injured at work and have questions about the workers’ compensation process – which can be challenging – consider contacting a Florida Workers’ Compensation Act attorney in Jacksonville, like the experienced attorneys at RITE Law.

workers’ compensation

All You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation – But Didn’t Think to Ask

There are many things that we don’t know the first thing about, until we need them. Then we become experts in the subject in a hurry. Workers’ compensation is a bit like that. We never expect to get in a workplace accident. Yet, when it happens you may be lost as to what to do immediately after.

hearing loss

How to Make a Workers’ Compensation Claim for Hearing Loss

Many people experience hearing loss over the course of their lifetimes, and it can be caused by the workplace. It is important to pay attention to your hearing as well as the noise level of your working environment, so you can protect yourself and make any necessary workers’ compensation claims. You should educate yourself on how to make a workers’ compensation claim for hearing loss.

workers’ comp claim

Were You Fired After You Made a Workers’ Comp Claim?

In a situation that can literally be described as “adding insult to injury,” it happens more often than you would think that an employer will fire somebody after the employee gets injured on the job and makes a claim for workers’ compensation. While that scenario seems terribly unfair, it happens in Florida and, unfortunately, Florida law does not prevent it. 

florida workers’ comp claim

What Do I Do If My Florida Workers’ Comp Claim is Denied?

Florida workers’ compensation attorneys in Jacksonville, such as those at RITE Law can be in your corner. Our attorneys at RITE Law have years of experience with the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act.

florida workers compensation claim


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longshoreman workers compensation insurance


You are a longshoreman, you get injured on the job, and you file your claim. Now what? It is not uncommon to have questions about what comes next after you have put in your claim for a legitimate work-related injury on the job. Of course, an…

mental injury covered under florida law


Our society has yet to equate mental illness with physical illness. As we all know, many times mental injury or illness can be as painful and devastating as a physical injury. Yet, mental illness still lurks in the shadows as something to be…