longshore and harbor workers’ compensation act

5 Important Facts About the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that was created to make sure workers are able to get immediate medical attention for a work-related injury. Most importantly, it emphasizes care over litigation. It assumes that an injury was, in fact, work-related. Also, it allows for an employer or insurance company to challenge the fact that an injury was work-related whenever there is evidence to support such a challenge. 

DBA benefits claims

Four Important DBA Benefits You Need to Know About

With insurance in general, we often do not know all the details of our coverage, until something happens. And then we need to know all the details. That is, of course, just as true when it comes to workers’ compensation coverage. If you are in a workplace accident, and you are an employee at a United States military base overseas, then your workers’ compensation comes from the Defense Base Act.  

Defense Base Act claim

What Is the Defense Base Act Claims Process?

You have just suffered an accident on the job, and you are a contractor for the U.S. military. Without doubt, you are wondering what to do next. You may not know whether you are covered by workers’ compensation or whether you have to worry about medical bills all on your own.

DBA claim attorneys

How Do I Calculate My DBA Benefits?

We all want to avoid getting injured on the job. Being out of work, having to worry about making insurance claims, or worse yet, fighting with an insurance company about what is and what is not a compensable injury are the last things with which we want to deal. Moreover, we do not want to be stopped from doing the job we like doing because of an unfortunate accident.

general maritime law

What Are My Rights Under General Maritime Law?

If someone violates the criminal law, then they are violating a state or federal criminal statute. If a company has an environmental issue, then there are a whole set of environmental laws, both state and federal, that regulate how environmental matters are handled legally. Even if you park illegally, then you are technically violating an ordinance that is written in a set of laws somewhere in your town.

social security disability

Do I Have to Wait Until I Am Denied Social Security Disability Before Getting an Attorney?

There is no reason to wait until you are denied Social Security Disability before you engage the assistance of an attorney. In fact, the earlier in the process you retain an attorney, the better. You may have hurt your chances for benefits by waiting until you are denied Social Security Disability benefits.

Social security disability insurance

What Benefit Can I Expect with Social Security Disability Insurance?

Did you know a 20-year-old worker has a one in four chance of becoming disabled before reaching age 67? That is a stunning statistic. Indeed, disability is something that most people do not really dwell on. We often process it as something that would happen to other people, but would not happen to us, right?

hearing loss

Is Hearing Loss Covered Under the Defense Base Act and the Longshore Act?

In many industries, hearing loss remains a substantial problem. In fact, on military bases and facilities handling military aircraft and other heavy military vehicles, excessive noise levels are a constant problem.

Personal Injury claims

Personal Injury Claims: Types of Damages Explained

You may have been struck by a car that ran a red light. You may have slipped and fallen because someone failed to clean up objects or debris on their driveway. You may have been hit by a falling object at a construction site, because a construction worker did not properly secure the site.

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