car accident

Why Hiring an Attorney After a Car Accident Is the Smart Thing to Do

We understand that you may be surprised by that answer. A minor fender bender where no one was injured does not seem to require the hassle of getting anyone else involved, especially an attorney. However, there are a number of considerations surrounding a car accident, however minor it might be. Plus, getting some preliminary advice from an attorney is no cost to you. Does that change the rationale a little? If so, read on.

Section 20a Presumption

What is a Section 20(a) Presumption?

We know that a person accused of a crime is always presumed innocent until proven guilty. In fact, the legal concept of the “presumption of innocence” is just one example of many different legal presumptions. A legal presumption is something that a court will decide is true (or presume is true) until there is some other, persuasive factual evidence to disprove it.

defense base act

Denials and Settlements with the Defense Base Act, Things to Remember

A workers’ compensation claim through the Defense Base Act can be a bit confusing. That becomes particularly true if your Defense Base Act claim is initially denied, or if you need to settle a claim. In both instances, you would be well served to have an experienced Jacksonville workers’ compensation attorney in your corner.

hearing loss

How to Make a Workers’ Compensation Claim for Hearing Loss

Many people experience hearing loss over the course of their lifetimes, and it can be caused by the workplace. It is important to pay attention to your hearing as well as the noise level of your working environment, so you can protect yourself and make any necessary workers’ compensation claims. You should educate yourself on how to make a workers’ compensation claim for hearing loss.

SSI Claims

What is SSI and How Can I Make a Claim?

A time of crisis is when we need government most. Why? Because the government is essentially all of us in the country banding together to help those most in need, and those most vulnerable.  

workers’ comp claim

Were You Fired After You Made a Workers’ Comp Claim?

In a situation that can literally be described as “adding insult to injury,” it happens more often than you would think that an employer will fire somebody after the employee gets injured on the job and makes a claim for workers’ compensation. While that scenario seems terribly unfair, it happens in Florida and, unfortunately, Florida law does not prevent it. 

jones act

Does the Jones Act Add to My Longshore Act Coverage?

If you are a longshoreman, or you work anywhere in the maritime industry, and you get injured, then you would look to workers’ compensation coverage to pay your medical bills and other expenses. Maritime workers, however, could be covered by one of two different types of workers’ compensation plans: either coverage under something called The Jones Act…

hearing loss

What Claims are Available to Me for Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is more common than you may think. According to one study, there are 48 million Americans with significant hearing loss. This number encompasses many factors, including hereditary hearing loss, age-related loss, workplace-related loss, and injury-related loss, to name a few.

appeal a denial of disability benefits

How Do I Appeal a Denial of Disability Benefits?

You may not be aware that millions of people apply for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration (SSA) each year. The majority of those applications are denied.  

slip and fall personal injury case

How to Win Your Slip and Fall Personal Injury Case?

Slip and fall accidents are part of the personal injury field of law. While the term implies a fall from actually slipping and falling down, it actually covers much more than that.