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Texting and driving are extremely dangerous and account for many accidents and deaths each year.  In fact, in this country alone, texting and driving cause about 500,000 accidents yearly.  Serious injuries and deaths result from this distracted driving behavior. 

There have been surveys and statistical analyses done the past few years on texting and driving since it has become such a dangerous driving issue.  States and insurance companies need to know statistics so they can adopt new policies on penalties for this distracted driving behavior.

In this article, we discuss the dangers of texting and driving as well as Florida’s laws on this issue.

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1. Texting and Driving Is Dangerous.

Texting and driving is the top reason people drive distracted in this country.  It rates higher than people getting distracted by their GPS system, eating, drinking, using the radio or car touchscreen, speaking to people in their vehicle, or talking on their cellphone.  Texting and driving make it 23 times more likely that someone will have an accident.  

These accidents lead to injuries that require medical attention and even long-term pain and health issues.  If you have been injured in an accident with someone texting and driving, call a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville.

Since so many people admit to texting and driving, some may wonder what makes it so dangerous.  Some may even consider it the norm and just the way things are now. However, there are numerous reasons not to text and drive.  The most obvious is that anytime you take your eyes off the road, it is dangerous to you and to others on the roadway.  Looking away from the road is never recommended.  

Additionally, we all know not to take our hands off of the wheel when we drive since that is dangerous as well.  Texting requires people to do that.  And texting means drivers aren’t thinking about what is going on in front of them. Instead, they are thinking about what they are reading or saying on their cellphones.  

Consequently, when texting and driving, you have someone not looking at the road, taking their hands off of the wheel, and not paying attention to the roadway.  This is dangerous even in slow-speed zones, and then imagine how it is when people are driving down the highway at 70 mph or in rush-hour traffic.  In short, it is not safe and causes accidents.

2. Texting and Driving is Against Florida Law.

If someone gets pulled over for texting and driving, then they are fined $30 for their first offense.  If they get pulled over a 2nd time in a span of five years, then they are given a $60 fine and 3 points on their driving record.  If the offense takes place in a school zone, then that means 2 extra points, and any texting offense that results in a vehicle accident means an extra 6 points. 

If someone injures you while texting and driving, you need to seek legal help to have your injuries compensated.  Not only are people who cause accidents while texting and driving negligent, but they are also breaking the law.  Personal injury attorneys in Jacksonville can help you get compensation for injuries caused by people texting while driving.

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